Pantie Boys

adult phone chat alanzaHere’s to all you boys out there that love to smell a woman’s panties. We know you dig through the clothes hamper when you visit a woman’s house and look for those panties that have the milky cream dried on the crotch, Your dick gets hard as soon as you see it. As you lift the panties to your face, your stomach tightens and you begin to shake from the anticipation of putting that crusty dried up cream to your lips. As you moisten the spot with your saliva the smell lingers up to your nose and you can almost imagine yourself between her legs licking her pussy lips through the material. You can’t even remember when this fetish started. As far back as you can remember you were doing this secretly with your mother’s, aunt’s, cousin’s and friend’s sisters panties. The real thrill comes when you feel that tingle deep in your balls and you move the panties from your mouth to your dick so that your cum mixes with your spit and her juices and then you can really suck them clean. I have a pair for you, dirty little pantie boy, cum and get them if you dare!

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