Submissive Teen

Submissive Phone Chat (2)

There is something about being a submissive whore that simply doesn’t compare to anything else. I love being told what to do, controlled and used for only one thing. I know I am only good for one thing, that’s what my daddy taught me and how re raided me. My pussy and mouth and ass are the only thing that is worth anything on me and I guess that is why my Daddy keeps me around. I am expected to be waiting for him and his friends when he comes home from work. Naked and rubbing my cunny to get it ready for their massive throbbing cocks. I take more than one at a time, all my holes get nice and filled up. I love being a slut for them all, begging for them to fill me up with their cum. They tie me up and cover me in their cum and piss and I beg for it all, smile and tell them how much I love being the subby whore. They know I love it, they can feel how soaking wet I am on their cock, Daddy’s sweet victim will always take more forced cock in any hole you want! Are you ready to use me today? I am waiting, just like Daddy taught me.

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