Going To The Gym

adult phone chat robynWhen he told me he was taking me to the gym with him I was so excited! He never takes me anywhere. We arrived with me on my leash as usual. Crawling on all fours he lead me into the gym and straight to the locker room. I wanted to look around but knew to keep my eyes lowered. With in minutes I was surrounded by men. Staring at their feet I began to tremble with anticipation. I felt the tug on my leash and knew that I had to move. he led me to the shower area and the white and cold tile under my knees made me shiver from the chill. Suddenly I was being grabbed from all directions, my hair was being pulled and I felt hands slapping me all over my body. The familiar feel of ropes tightening around my ankles and I felt my pussy release it’s juices. When they were done with me they left me laying in the bottom of the shower. Listening to them laugh at me as they walked away, i knew they would be back.

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