Snuff Fantasy adult phone chat

Adult phone chatThis slutty snuff whore is craving an adult phone chat victim like you and your daughter. I want to rip you apart and spill your blood all over my cutting room floor. To get my delicious latina pussy off by eating your hearts out and soaking in your warm blood! As I slowly kill you and your progeny, beg of this Goddess of Pain. Isn’t it wonderful to taste the life that is leaking from a loved one? That sweet devotion as you offer up their tiny body to your Goddess! You both lie bleeding and moaning on my altar. Tonight you’re my sacrifice divine! My appetite is rampant and to quell my hunger, I crave the bloodiest piece of meat possible. A young sweet darling for Satan. As I part my lips to take a bite, I’m struck by how succulent the flesh is. Her flesh is a delicacy because of her innocence.
Your fetishes for cannibalism and necrophilia send me to the deepest and darkest parts of my mind. I’ve never had such a strong need for blood and gore.


Where have you gone and what evil have you done this time?



What erotic rape and kill fantasies will you bring me tonight as we proceed to expel all your dirty deeds!?


I need you here tonight to assist me in making some sweet bloody jackoff porn. We will be gorging on virginal flesh and blood as midnight approaches. I bring in the man in the cloak to fuck you and your daughter in front of everyone. My wet pussy gets impaled on his ten-inch cock as I crawl up his frame. Scratching his back with my long fingernails, breaking the skin and leaving a sensual trail of blood that lubricates our fuck. When his cock plunges deep into my hungry cunt, my breasts become deliciously plump, my nipples become erect, and my moans of satisfaction become intense-howls of ecstasy. My thighs become extremely lean, and I tightly grasp his waist as I rhythmically push back on each thrust he delivers, pushing load after load of cum from his tired testicles. Are you ready to die as the clock strikes?

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