Adult Phone Chat For Bad Boy Spankings

Adult Phone ChatI know why you are here, on the best adult phone chat site. You have a secret, don’t you?

No one would ever know that a powerful man like you seeks pleasure in deliberately choosing to suffer…needing to be dominated and punished to escape from your own reality!

But I know!

I know that you love the sting of my leather gloves spanking your bare ass! You love being taken over my knee and being scolded like a child!

And you shall be!

Because I know you have been fantasizing about me and touching that cock! You even stroked it at work, didn’t you?

I can see the precum stain on your pants!

You have been a very bad boy and you have disobeyed me and for that, you must be punished!

But that is what you crave isn’t it? Your secret phone sex fetish is the punishment!

Do you deserve to be free from your world and come into mine? Do you deserve to be dominated by the seductive mistress that knows what you really are?

Let’s see how bad you want it! On your hands and knees like the dog that you are!

Oh, yes! I can see that your ass is sticking up in the air, begging to be spanked hard! You just wait there until I decide if you deserve it.

Maybe all you really deserve is a gentle flogging, feeling those little leather tasseled straps tickling your cheeks! I guess we wont know until we finish our kinky phone chat, will we!


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