Mommy’s Lessons

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I would say that I have the best mother out there, personal opinion or not. I always get so excited when I know she is on her way home because she always takes some time out to give me a daily lesson that will help me in life. It is great to know that your mom just wants nothing more than for you to succeed. I always know the lesson because she puts them on my calendar, but I never know what she has in store but I do know it is a hands on experience! Yesterday’s was how to not choke on a huge dick and today’s will be anal sex! I don’t know what she will do today but yesterday she brought home a dick that you could make bigger by pumping it. She shoved it down my throat and started pumping it, if I gagged it would be shoved deeper, and now after some training, yay for me, no gag reflex! My Mommy is the best, and we couldn’t be closer.

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