New Delivery

adult phone chat hazelNew books were delivered to us today. The two guys that came to do the delivery were so sexy; both tall, one black guy with dreads, one blonde with a fresh tan. They lifted all those boxes with such ease and many times caught me staring and commenting as they frequently passed my sight. The last time they said I had to come down to the truck to sign the paperwork and when I got there I stepped on the back and they closed the door. They had seen me staring and wanted to show me more. They bent me over and one licked my asshole while the other fucked my face. He stuck his tongue so far up my anus He lubed parts I never felt wet before. Once he took his tongue out, he stuck his cock in. As his black friend put his cock in my throat and his balls on my chin; the blond pounded my ass like it was my pussy. I felt his balls slapping my cunt, and I felt his cock touching my spine, or at least it felt like it. And somehow they timed it perfectly where they came at the same time and flooded both of my ends with what felt like a gallon of sperm. I went back upstairs and realized I never signed that paperwork.

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