Mommies Should Be Sweet and Dirty

Adult phone chatNot all Mommies are the same.  There are those who are strict, mean and down right unpleasant.  You know the ones.  I was just telling Tommy that I hated his Mommy a few hours ago.  He came over here to wait for my son.  I could tell something was wrong the minute he came into the door.  He looked so sad. 

I finally asked him what was wrong.  At first he refused to tell me saying everything was fine.  That was a fib.  I gave him a nice tight hug and told him I was sorry he was upset.  He immediately started to cry.  It seems his sister had broken something that belonged to his Mommy but he got the blame for it.  He was spanked hard for it too.

I wiped the tears away from his eyes and I decided that he should see what a sweet Mommy was like.  I started to kiss him and he pulled away, but I rubbed his shoulders and told him that I would make him feel a lot better.  My son was on the phone with a girl so I knew he would be awhile.

I took Tommy into the living room and after a few more minutes I had his sweet cock gliding over my tongue.  By the time my son was done, Tommy and I were redressed and watching t.v.  Tommy gave me a huge hug before they left and whispered in my ear that he wishes his Mommy was a sweet and dirty as I am. 

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