Bubba’s ‘Lil Fuck Toy

adult phone chat DominiqueWho wouldn’t want a little sister like me? I’m a teen, but I know how to please a man. My brothers made sure of that when I was young. I’m a dirty little cocksucker and I do as I am told. They love taking turns abusing my young holes and trying to knock me up. They don’t know it but I secretly love being treated like a teen cum dumpster. I lie awake at night, fingering my cunny, hoping one of them will sneak into my room, eager to inflict their phone sex rape fantasies on me while I sleep. Incest is such a dirty little secret, but I think everyone lusts for a family member, especially a bratty teen sister like me. I tease them way too much in skimpy shorts and shirts that show off my huge tits. Maybe I deserve it when their cocks get hard and I get fucked. Come tell me what you’d do to me if I was your little sis. I may beg and scream but deep down, I really want it. Give it to me, big Bubba.

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