Looking for my Daddy

adult phone chat JennyHey daddy, I’ve been looking for you. Your little teen tease has been so horny without you. I lie awake in my bed at night, fingering myself, and remembering the games we used to play. Now that I’m in college, I can’t crawl into your bed at night. I don’t get to feel your cock press against my ass, begging to be let in. I miss the way you moaned when you came, the way you whispered that you loved me. Now I’m forced to look for a new daddy to play with. I’m a girl who needs a daddy. I crave the touch of an older man. Can you teach me some new games? I promise to be a very good girl and do as I’m told. You know you wish you had a daughter like me. Let me be your fantasy girl and your teen cock stroking girlfriend.

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