Anal with naomi…

BDSM phone chat

This blind fold is so dark. I am tied up and in the most amazing way. My nipples are clamped and tied to my toes.. My big toe is also tied to a clamp on my pussy lips and they move when I wiggle my toes.. It hurts but it feels so fucking good. My arms are tied behind my back and I am laying on this cold metal table. Aside from being tied up and blind folded my ears are plugged with loud music about fucking.. Randomly I smell peanut butter. I have a ball gag shoved into my mouth just before I feel this cream being put around my asshole. He covers my asshole and pushes his fingers into my asshole the moves towards my pussy lips and holes. He fills my cunt up with this creamy filling.. The entire time I couldn’t control my toes from tugging on my nipples and pussy, it made me so fucking wet… I knew I didn’t need that much lube… but why was I smelling peanut butter? Then I felt the table get heavier. I felt the sniffs of his big fucking beast.. He sniffed around my peanut butter filled holes and his whiskers tickles making me squirm and pull on my nipples and pussy making me moan. The first lick sent me over the fucking moon. Now I realized why he put so much inside of me.. He want going to make me a real fucking bitch to his beast. It feels so fucking good but it is so fucking wrong… 

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