Adult phone chat can be wicked.

adult phone chatSex and drugs are what fuel me. I love the way I feel after a few lines and some rough sex. I know  alot of you guys are the same way. Your cock gets totally rock hard and blowing a popper rocks your world. A girl like me needs you. I love the violence that’s triggered after drugs corrupt you. You do those things that you wouldn’t otherwise. Like making a girl eat shit and be your human urinal. Beating me because you can’t cum. Or violating me with household objects. Come on. We all get those urges, don’t we? Of course most women won’t tolerate your shit. Not me. I welcome the pain and abuse. Make me scream for you while you share the filthiest fantasy you can imagine. I love the stuff that others won’t touch, the most taboo of topics, so bad that I won’t even mention them here. Don’t be shy though. I’d love to talk about them when you’re ready to do a call.

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