I need a nasty freak!

dirty mommy phone sexPoor little ‘ole me… I’m always making life choices that affect my little brats. I just can’t save any money! Once it hits my bank account I blow it on whatever the fuck I want. Sometimes sex toys, sometimes it’s toys for my little ones… or sometimes it’s the drug of the week. Or shoes. Or panties…I have a fucking problem. Now I am 2 months behind on rent and not a dollar in my pocket to pay. I’ve got to do something! I know it’s going to result to pimping out my little ones. Then the only thing I need is a nasty freak to come and take advantage of my little ones for a very good price. They have no choice but to be willing to you…to submit to your every horny need. Just let them take care of that cock baby and help me take care of my piles and piles of bills too. Mmm it’s time to play!

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