I love a naughty Santa!

dirty mommy phone sexEven a dirty Santa can’t resist coming over to play with me and my family! He heard that we’ve all been very very naughty this year so I know he was just looking to come over and see what new tricks I had taught the little brats. Most everyone knows that Santa is supposed to be all about good and nice things but we all really know that Santa likes the naughty ones that sit on his lap and whisper all the things they want for Christmas right into good old Saint Nicholas’s ear. What do my little ones want this year? What are they going to whisper into Santa’s ear during one of their private sessions in my home, where Santa and I are able to give those presents just a little early to show that we reward naughty behavior…Santa just loves coming over to play with my little ones and giving them that cock they’ve been begging for, the toys and such that they want to have is all theirs but they come with a price – not something my darlings are willing to say no to… they’re good whores like Mommy and will do anything for a couple gifts. Isn’t that sweet? It’s going to be fun playing with our dirty Santa!

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