I am one nasty dirty mommy!

adult phone chatI am just nasty, dirty fucking Mommy who can’t help but play with her brats. That and make more and more to join in on the fun. My goal in life? Getting pregnant and fucking my daughters and sons. It doesn’t get any more direct than that! I want your cum, need your cum – to get my pregnant. You’re the one who can breed me time and time again. The more we make, the more we have to play with! And I already have quite a few for you to do whatever you want with as you wait for this one to pop out! Touch them, fuck them and test their limits. You know I am here to help you do anything your horny heart and cock desires to them. I want to help anyway, being a preggo whore makes me SO FUCKING HORNY! I can’t control it… and I need you and my little ones to fix that. Think you’re up for the job?

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