Don’t you love a good roleplay?

adult phone chatSo my question for everyone out there is what is up with so much boring sex? I mean you are you every day and then you come home just to be your boring ass self in bed too? You seriously need to be more fun. There are so many ways to get down and dirty in the bedroom that I have learned with all of my adult phone chat experiences, one of my favorites being role-play. I’ll give you an example so maybe you can learn how to NOT be boring. Now, as you can see on my page I enjoy taking naughty pictures. Generally I take them of myself, but tonight was different. Tonight I wanted one of my men to be my “photographer” and I would be his “model”. He arrived at my house camera in hand and rang the doorbell. I covered myself in a robe and anxiously answered the door. I greeted him with a warm hug even though he is a “stranger” I am still a very friendly person!! We headed straight to the bedroom and I gave him a minute to set up. I loved watching him, this man I know being someone else, I was already getting wet. Finally he was all set up and told me we could begin whenever I was ready. I dropped my robe and said “well sir, I am kind of new at this so maybe you could help me with some guidance” I could see it getting harder for him to swallow but he continued to be professional. He kept telling me different ways to move, stick my ass out for him, play with my nipples, and play with my clit. He even had me fingering myself. I could see the rock growing in his pants. Finally I asked if we were all done here. He said the photo shoot was done, but there was more business to take care of. He put his camera on record and jumped right into fucking me hard!

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