Come over here little girl…

adult phone chat“Come here little girl, it’s okay…we’re not going to hurt you.” This couldn’t have been further from the truth, but my white lie was working. Who wouldn’t trust a cute girl like me? Daddy and I were just walking in the park, watching the little ones play and seeing which ones we liked and which ones turned Daddy on the most when we came across this little cutie pie. She was sooo far from the other little ones and parents, we couldn’t even see them from where she was, scared and hiding. It was clear she was lost and scared and Daddy and I HAD to take advantage of it while we could, of course. We coaxed her right into our arms, then our car, and finally into our house where the real fun began! We molested her little body, forced her holes and mouth open all so Daddy to could violate them as brutally as he could. I helped, held her down and laughed as she cried. I love to make Daddy happy.

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