Adult phone chat with professor little dick

adult phone chatHow exactly did I make my professor my sissy? It was an exciting ride. I was chastised about missing work and even accused of plagiarism. I was about to be expelled and called into the deans once my professor was done relaying the message. Well, the professor had forgotten the full sissy porn and ads for adult phone chat all over his computer. Silly sissy! I had him right where I wanted. I knew once he realized he had the princess to all the sissies, he wouldn’t sell me down the river. I was going to make him my pathetic slave. I had the motives to make him my slave because I wanted to make sure I got that passing grade and was not to be expelled. A little convincing was not what I needed to do. Once he realized I knew his secret, he turned bright red and there it was his guilty shock. He was quick to submit to me like the sissy bitch he was born to be.

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