Adult Phone Chat Mommy

adult phone chat

You know, sometimes at the end of a long and stressful day, you just need a little bit of adult phone chat. You’re a busy man, so you don’t have time for a regular girlfriend or wife. But you’re only human so you sometimes need some sexual connection with someone else other than your hand. You want to hear a friendly, sexy voice on the end of the line telling you about all the erotic, dirty things she would do to you if she were there. I’ve been told that I have the most seductive voice you’ll ever hear in your life.
Oh, and just wait until you hear my golden voice start to moan. If you say the right things to me, I’ll reach down between my long legs and start rubbing my pussy for you. You can be slow and sensual or you can tell me how you’d like to give it to me hard and rough me up a little. I love both of those things, so it’s up to you. I just know that when I start moaning and cumming, that’s going to send you over the edge. Are you ready to play with me now? Call me.

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