Adult phone chat for sissy training.

adult phone chat

I spread my legs and he slid between them. He’d been in sissy training with me for a few months. I’d reward him with some juicy mommy pussy. In return I’d wear my fat black strap-on and give him the cock he craved. He was going to make some guy a good little ass bitch. I came just hearing him moan for more dick in his boy-pussy. He was hot to trot and ready for the real thing. I knew about that craving for cum and he had it bad. Maybe you need a sissy trainer too. I love AB/DL boys and sissies the best. I’m a firm but loving mom who gets what she needs first. A taste of my vintage pussy will bring back memories of your own mom for sure. That first sniff of panties and the times you wore them under your jeans. Oh yes, I know all about that. Mommy always knows.

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