Admit it

adult phone chat leslie“You want it, just admit it.” Daddy had me over his lap, my skirt flipped up and my ass exposed. It was beat red from my spankings I had just received from talking back…Daddy’s can’t stand when I am sassy and not obedient. The second I talked back to him he snatched me up and bent me over his knees smacking my ass over and over again causing me to scream and cry… and my pussy to get soaking wet. There was no hiding it, and Daddy knew it. He was going to make me admit it too. Daddy loves to humiliate me, degrade me. Make me tell everyone what a nasty little skank I am. He forces me to tell everyone how much of a pain slut I am. So the second he could feel my tiny little pussy pulsing with excitement as he spanked my bare ass… he was more than ready to make me pay for it. “I want my ass spanked, I love being treated like the filthy pain slut I am” I finally admitted which earned another sharp smack to the ass. “You’re still a bad girl, Leslie, and Daddy’s just going to have to punish you for being such a whore.” Daddy said this as he pushed me to the ground getting on top of me, forcing my ass cheeks apart. He stuffed some of his fingers in my ass, causing me to scream… but my cunt was wetter than ever. Daddy held me down and parted my ass with his giant cock… he was going to put it in dry. He really wanted me to suffer. “Beg for it slut, beg Daddy.” I cried and begged for daddy’s big cock, and finally he gave it to me… just like I deserved.

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