Teen Phone Chat with Sexy Sasha

Teen Phone Chat SashaI can be more than a spoiled rotten daddy’s girl. I can be the dirtiest sluttiest skank for our teen phone sex! I will be your teen switch if you just allow me to please you, tease you… just let me handle all your fantasies and desires. I am the young type, the type that will do whatever it takes to please you. To do all your taboo fantasies Daddy, I promise to be a good submissive whore, I promise to take care of your cock in ways you and I both know no one else can. I will take good care of you, be a good little girl and listen to my daddy. I will suck your cock like an eager and hungry whore. I won’t whine about it unless you want me to daddy… I’m into what you’re into. Most girls don’t want to be close with their Daddy as I want to be with you. I want to be closer than ever! I want to be your sweet sweet girl, your little darling slut to be used as you please. I am all yours – to do whatever you want to my cute little body. I want you to give it to me Daddy… give me what you have growing bigger and bigger in your pants over there. I want it, I crave it.. I know I am a bad girl. See, that calls for some type of punishment – don’t you think? What are you going to do Daddy… just tell me what I deserve! We all know you’re always right daddy… allow me to show my appreciation for my Daddy, I love our teen phone chat so much I am going to personally show you how much with my baby bald pussy you’ve been thinking about all day! 


Daddy’s Girl Sasha 

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