Waiting My Turn

OMG I was so jealous when I stopped by my brother’s house yesterday. I got up to the front door and I could hear him inside banging his girlfriend while watching jackoff porn on the TV. She was moaning and screaming “Oh god” so loud that she drowned out the sound of the TV. I didn’t want to interrupt – even though I wanted a piece of that cock, so I decided to try to peek in the window and check out the action. I made my way over to the living room window and looked in. He had her bent over the back of the couch with her ass in the air and he was pounding it with his hard dick.

jackoff porn teagan
I got chills all over my body as I watched the two of them. My brother looked so fucking good with his rock hard body and 9 inch cock. That lucky bitch was getting everything I made the drive over to get. I looked a little closer and noticed he wasn’t even inside her pussy – he was fucking that tight little ass of hers. He had told me before that is the only reason he keeps her around is because she is the only girl besides me who can handle all of his inches in her ass. I wish he had called me for some adult phone chat instead of having her over.

He had ahold of her hair and was yanking it back so hard that tears were running down her face. He handled her so rough – much different than he handles me, I guess since I am his little sister. Even when he’s pounding my ass he is grasping my hips and kissing me on the back of my neck. I guess that’s why family fucking is so much better than fucking some random person you don’t really know. The special bond between me and my brother just can’t be beat, so I think I will watch a little longer and wait for this tramp to get her fill and then go inside and clean that cock up with my tongue and then take a little pounding for myself!

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