This fat girl loves adult phone chat!

adult phone chatThis fat girl loves adult phone chat, you wanna know why? Because I get off every time just like you do! I get so horny talking to men on the phone, honestly it makes me g out and do some pretty dirty stuff. Like last night I did this hot ass call where he was just using me like a filthy whore and by the time he got off I was so fucking horny that I had to go out and find me a guy to fuck me for real! I went to this little dive bar where the men drinking were all rough looking and covered in tattoos, as soon as I walked in the place I knew that someone there was sure to make me their whore! It didn’t take long, I had barely finished my first drink when this group surrounded me, they were all close to me and asking me what a girl like me was doing in a place like that… I told them all that I was just looking for some dicks to suck. That was all it took they had me on my knees right there in the bar! I sucked and fucked all of them and I think I may go back and do it all again tonight too!

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