Halloween horrors with Isis

Adult Phone Chat

I got paid triple what I am normally paid to watch these brats and take them out for candy. Ugh just so their whore of a mommy could go out and get fucked all night. That was my plan for Halloween but I was getting paid to take these brats out and I was going to have a good time. I got an idea from one of my favorite movies. These little bitches were brats while we went out. I called a few of my friends over for some Halloween fun. I brought them back in and these little fuckers just started chowing down on their candy! I smacked their little painted faces so hard the candy was knocked out of their mouths. They started crying and screaming. I told them their were going to be punished for not listening to me. I made them stand on 5 books and tied their hands up in the air over their heads. My friends showed up drunk and horny for tight virgin pussy. I started to remove one book at a time as my friends rubbed their cocks on their naked bodies. They were hanging in the air as my friends started to fuck their little virgin holes. I watched and took each piece of their candy and checked it. I shoved it in my dripping wet pussy! 

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