The Older They Get

sexy mommas lillyThey have always been adorable to me, but I am their mommy. They have always been so eager to cuddle and show me the love that I needed when I was lonely. They were so little and had those round faces and big quarter sized innocent eyes. Now they are a lot older and they are beginning to look like young adults. They are looking more and more like me every day. And they have all but mastered most of the tricks of sexual pleasure. Now their tastes are developing and becoming their own. Michelle seems to be gravitating towards sensual and sexual practices in the bedroom where Mikey seems to be gravitating towards bondage, domination and S&M. Both of them are perfectly comfortable with bisexuality and are just as turned on by someone of their own sex as they are of the opposite sex. Soon they will be interacting with their peers and will have boyfriends and or girlfriends that are their age. I wonder if they will share their love interests or if they will slowly wean themselves away from our little love nest. Over the years watching them grow and change has been a blast for all of us. The idea of not having that any more is a scary and interesting thought. Only time will tell.

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