Just Like Me

dirty mommy phone sex darlaShe wants to be just like her mommy when she grows up. My sweet, sensitive, sissy. When she was little and I started dressing her as a girl  because I wanted one so bad I never thought she would actually love it! I thought as soon as she was old enough she would want to be a boy and get dirty, play rough, bring me worms and bugs and stuff like that. But nope she loves her pretty dresses and panties and she loves being my beautiful little girl. She hates getting dirty and is far to sensitive for the rough and tumble games of the other boys. Instead she would rather spend the day cooking with me in the kitchen or going through fashion magazines or going shopping or putting on a fashion show or playing house and tea party….She says she is going to be just like mommy when she grows up. She loves to suck cock just like mommy does and she loves to buckle the strap on around mommy’s waist so mommy can slide it in her tight va-jay-jay with her legs high in the air her feet on my shoulders. I love making her feel like the beautiful little girl that she wants to be. As soon as I can I am going to get her some real titties just like mommy.

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