Teen Sex Blogs With Marci

Teen Sex BlogsI love being your teenage sex blogs favorite age play accomplice. When I get a very dominating lover who wants to violate a pretty tiny pussy, I am all over that! With my sweet young voice and my very dirty and wild imagination, anything goes! Looking for that special small and innocent victim is so hot when we do it together. As we sit and wait for the perfect one, I find myself stroking that dirty P* cock, keeping you excited. I love the feel of that dirty dick in my small hands. And you know just how to excite me. Telling me what a good girl I am. I call you Daddy and you call me your special princess. No one can take my place. Especially once we find the right tasty treat to get. Holding that cunt down and her legs wide open, I guide your fat cock into that little hole. As I lower my wet and hot pussy over her screaming mouth, her movement and hot breath make my sex go insane! That’s right Daddy, thrust your cock in and Anal Sex Whoreout of her! Every time you go balls deep she struggles and tries to scream, and it is almost like I am sitting on a living vibrating clit stimulator! The look in your eyes is super intense and I know just how good this one feels, as her pussy accepts your cock inside her. Her hot wet cunny milks your cock and her small and screaming mouth brings me to a very heated orgasm. Watching you pump in and out makes me so crazy! Soon you are taking her ass as your new anal sex whore!  I cream all over her face! She gasps for breath as you and I switch places. I lower my face into her cunny and lick her clit fast and hard. I see you feeding your cock to her and rubbing your dick all over her face to coat it in my juices. She starts to accept her new duty as a dirty little cock sucker. I watch her transform from a helpless and little victim, to our new fuck slut! Yes Daddy, your cock is now her new Master, as we make her cum and cum again!Sexy Slut Marci

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