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I love being a dirty mommy!

sexy mommasDo you know what I love? Being the dirtiest, nastiest Mommy in the whole wide fucking world! I know there are other Mommies just like me out there just dying to share their little brats with you, but are they like me… willing to help you with them too? Do their cunts get dripping wet when they think about going down on those bald pussies or itty bitty dickies? Do they get soaking wet at the thought of you ramming your cock down each one of my brat’s throats? Or maybe so incredibly turned on that their begging to be fucked by the same cock that was just filling up your youngest little one? My goodness, my cunt is already dripping. Won’t you let me hold them there as they cry and struggle, as we make them special little whores and as we make them take all your big fat Daddy cock? I know, I know, that’s all you ever wanted to do. And lucky for you I want to help you do just that!

Preggo Mommy Tammy