Suck my pretty pink toes.

jackoff pornWe all have a fetish that needs some jackoff porn. I’m a footie girl and I love the feel of a hard cock between my soles. My soft feet and pretty pink nails are exactly what you need to get off. Let me rub my feet all over that fuckstick and feel you throb. Put my feet together and fuck that foot pussy. Smell the shoes that I just kicked off. I’ll caress your balls with my toes. They’ll feel like little fingers to tickle your sac. Pull my toes into your mouth and suck them. It feels so good when you ooze that pre-cum all over me. Hear me moan as my own pussy gets wet. Now jerk that swollen cock off all over my feet and let me lick if all off. Or rub it into them like the finest foot cream. Mmmm, feels so good, lover.

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