Submissive Phone Chat Mommy

submissive phone chat numbersSubmissive phone chat is not just with young bimbos. I think “Fifty Shades of Gray,” distorted people’s concept of who is a submissive whore. I am a mature phone sex slut. A mommy, a MILF, a cougar, not some coed. I am not some young girl who doesn’t know any better. I am a smart educated mother of two who has dedicated her life to servicing men. Maybe it is that I am old school or old fashioned, but I do believe a woman should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen fixing her man whatever he wants to eat. Fuck women’s liberation. I want to be owned by a man.

My husband left me when I was pregnant with our son. Left me for some young hot secretary. He foolishly believed that once I became a mother, I would never fuck or blow him again. Nothing could have been further from the truth. His loss, my son and my boss’s gain. I raised my son to be dominant, even over his mommy. I never punished him. In fact, I let him punish me, often. When he was just a young school boy, I would tell him I had been a naughty mommy and needed spanked. I would bend over the couch or table, expose my full round naked bottom and tell him it was his duty as man of the house to spank me. At first he was hesitant because I think society foolishly makes boys believe they are to obey and listen to their parents.

 adult phone sex numbersI told him in the Bible, it was clear that the man ran the house and since daddy was gone, that he was the man of the house. As he got older, he came into his dominant side. Would grab my tits whenever he wanted. Push me down on the ground and skull fuck me. Sometimes would tie me up in my own stockings and sodomize me. He even would invite his friends over to gang bang my mommy holes. He is a man now, and my main master. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t make me his bitch, his slave. I wouldn’t have it any other way. All men are superior to women, even sons.

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