Submissive Phone Chat Kali

submissive phone chat

“Daddy please don’t!” I cry as my Daddy smacks me again with his belt – this time right across the face. He’s angry now, there’s no stopping him when he gets like this. I feel the blood rushing from my busted lip and I see how angry he is in his eyes. “What the fuck did you say to me slut?!” He picks me up by my hair and drags me to his bedroom and pushes me on the bed. He orders me to get on my knees. I do as I am told, I know how mad he is, I can only imagine the pain he will cause me. He pinches my little nipples and I open my mouth to scream. Daddy takes advantage of my mouth and stuffs his big daddy cock all the way down my throat. I choked on it but Daddy pushed my head down even further and I could feel it going down my throat nice and deep how daddy likes it. So he can squeeze my throat and feel his cock in there. Daddy makes me get on my hands and knees and whimper like a doggy for his cock in my ass. I bark like he tells me to as he humiliates me and fucks my little ass raw. I am daddy’s good girl.

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