Sexy Mommas Have Some Fun

sexy mommasSexy mommas like to play together. Yes, I am a dirty p mommy who loves boy cock. But, school is back in session, which means not a lot of day time play time for this horny mommy. A few of my fellow naughty mommies and I decided to start a club. Like a book club I guess, but instead of sharing classic literature, we share incest stories. Give each other tips for having sex with young boys. We even discuss how to help new mommies be dirty mommies like us.

kinky fetish pornToday we were talking about boy jizz and how good it tastes. Of course this made us horny. Especially after I told everyone the cream in their coffee was boy batter compliments of my sons. We got so horny we started playing with each other. We were at my house, and I have lots of toys around. I broke out the double sided dildos and we bumped pussies and tits while thinking about boy seed in our mouths.

dirty mommy phone sexI had no clue it was a half day at school for my boys, so they walked in on the kinky mommy fun. They were so turned on they pulled out their little peckers. My fellow mommies pounced on my sons’ dicks. I’m not the jealous type. I know my boys have nice cocks. I like to share them, with fellow horny mommas and daddies too.

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