No one will love you like Mommy

Adult phone chat

I love incest phone sex.  

I enjoy having a new son to fuck every day!

My call today made me so fucking wet.

He wanted him mommy to suck his little cock.

He wanted to hear that it was ok to have a tiny cock.

I could not lie to my son.

His cock is very tiny, the poor guy.

He got his father’s curse of having a tiny cock.

I told him the only thing that it is good for it knocking a bitch up and making his own son.

I told him if he was going to ever make a woman cum he was going to have to learn how to do the right things.

Jackoff porn

He begged me to teach him what to do.

I laid down on his bed and told him to pull my panties down.

I opened my legs nice and wide for him.

I told him to touch my pussy and just feel how soft I was.

His fingers gently touched me and made me instantly wet.

I asked him about his cock, if it was hard.

I told him to show me.

I started laughing at him, his cock was so tiny I didn’t know he was hard.

I grabbed his head and pushed his face right to my pussy.

I told him to kiss and lick my cunt until I came.

He was so scared but my son did it.

He made his mommy cum so hard. 

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