My son’s best friend

jackoff pornI can spot a sissy boy from a mile away and I just knew my son’s new best friend was one. He was a slim, shy boy and I noticed that he spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I laughed to myself. I had thrown a load of my lingerie and lacy panties in the hamper and I knew exactly what was going on. In fact, I had set up a small camera to catch him in the act. I was so sure of myself.
Imagine my shock when I viewed the footage that evening. He had dressed up in my lingerie, took a make-up bag from his duffel and fixed his face, and then pulled out a horse cock dildo and began to fuck himself in the ass. The bathroom door opened and my sexy athletic son joined him. That little sissy whore dropped to his knees and sucked my son’s cock. My son grabbed him roughly by the hair and bent him over the bathroom sink and began to fuck his boy-pussy. I could see his face in the mirror as it contorted with lust. I rubbed my clitty furiously as I watched my offspring pound his dick into that crying sissy and dump a load of fuck sauce into his ass. I came with a scream.
My question is, how do I approach them about this or do i just sit back and enjoy the show?

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