Mommy’s Big Bouncy Breasts

big bouncy breasts apscDoes your mommy have big bouncy breasts? My rug rats are so very lucky to have a mommy with big natural tits. I have a mixed family. By that I mean I have older sons from my first marriage and much younger sons from my second marriage. One of the things I like to do with all my offspring is bathe together. All brats need a bath right? What better way for a dirty mommy to let her sons play with boobs than in the shower or bath tub? My oldest sons still love bath time with mommy. Now that they are older and their cocks are bigger, we have shower time. I soap up my natural knockers use them as loofahs on a hot son’s body. In a steamy shower, I often find my pussy being cleaned by a soapy cock, even my asshole too. With the little ones, I soak in the tub. Use my tits as wash cloths. I find that even the dirtiest boy who resists a bath can’t resist being washed by mommy’s boobs. Hot water, soap, and big tits always make bath time so much fun. Rubber ducky is not the one. A son is the one that makes bath time so much fun.

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