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adult phone chatI’m so wet and horny tonight. I had such a great time with my young girls today. They are so eager to learn. Such pretty little things with those bald pussies and ripe curves, They are sure to make some daddy blow his load. But I’m a single mom and I’d sure like a man who can give them some guidance and training. One who is not afraid to inflict a little discipline and pain. Bad girls get their asses beat in my household. Young ones are meant to be seen and not heard. I have high expectations. That’s why I home school my angels so I can teach them more than just the basics. Math and reading are great but I also believe sex starts in the home. I began their education at a young age with trainer sex toys. Once they got that down we moved on to cocksucking and how to please a man. Now they are ready for the real thing and just need a new daddy to assist us.

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