I am one dirty mommy!

dirty mommy phone sexI have the sweetest boys in the whole wide world! Do you know what they did? They snuck out of bed when I was sleeping and cleaned up the whole house and them woke me up with breakfast in bed followed by both of them licking my pussy until I squirted everywhere! What a great way to wake up! I was in such a good mood after that so I decided to pamper my little sweethearts by sucking those little dickies until their balls were drained and they were both so so happy. We spent the entire day naked and in bed, just watching movies and touching each other in all kinds of filthy ways. I just can’t get enough of them! I wish we could spend every day like this but the boys have to go to school eventually, we can’t play forever as much as we’d like to. Hmmm maybe I could get them to bring home some of their little friends next time, that could be even more fun!

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