Feed The Need

adult phone chat karmaSitting here on the edge of the woods, waiting for the right person to walk by as my cravings grow by the minute. I need to feed the need growing inside of me for revenge. I know she walks this way every night. She is late tonight for some reason. She would piss me off more then she already has today by making me wait. Fucking bitch. The longer I have to wait the worse it’s going to be for her. My blood is boiling now. And then I see her walking towards where I am waiting. Jumping out from my hiding place I grab the little bitch with ease. I drag her into the woods where I wrap duct tape around he mouth and head. There will be no screaming today but there will be a severe beating. I can’t stop I just keep beating her even though she stopped moving long ago Walking away from her lifeless body I wonder how long it will take someone to find her.

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