Fantasy Phone Chat with Sheila

fantasy phone chat giantess fantasiesI love fantasy phone chat. Every now and then, I get to talk to a guy with a really kinky fantasy like today. Joel called me because I am a bigger woman. Not fat, but tall and sturdy! He wanted to shrink me. Actually, he wanted to shrink a bunch of hot women and make us his little captive sex slaves. He likes to pretend to be a giant. The idea of being shrunk and climbing up a big cock got me really hot. I’m playing along with him, and I feel my pussy getting drenched. I can actually see me and bunch of hot bitches being no taller than a few inches worshiping his naked body.

jackoff pornHe wants me to climb into his asshole while some of the other girls climb up his cock like we are Jack and his dick is the bean stalk. A little drop of pre cum had the power to drown us all too. I talked with him for an hour. I climbed into every orifice he has, licked every inch of his body, even got lost in his ass. He farted me out across the room, nearly killing me. I know it was a bizarre fantasy, but hot nonetheless. I love sexy little roleplays. The kinkier the better. Do you think you have what it takes to get creative and kinky with me?

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