Adult Phone Chat with Sexy Summer

adult phone chat teen whoreI partied really hard this weekend. I met this guy who was a cruise ship director on his land leave before going out to see for a two week cruise. Well, we both got really fucked up and he snuck me on board the cruise ship for the night while it was docked. I have never been on a cruise ship. It was huge. So many rooms. Like 40 different pools. Game rooms. A full spa. You name it this love boat had it! There were no passengers on board as the ship was setting sail the next day. Just the staff, and none of them seemed to mind a hot coed stowaway for the evening.

Peter and I fucked in every place we could. Several of the pools. The promenade deck. This fancy ballroom. On a disco dance floor with a mirrored ceiling. I have to say it was pretty hot. A little creepy to be on that big ass ship with so little people, but very sexy to be able to fuck like rabbits all night long. We raided the kitchen. The largest food selection I have ever seen. He covered my body in whip cream and dipped strawberries into my cunnie. He even fucked my holes with a champagne bottle.

jackoff pornWe never slept. We didn’t need to with all the nose candy we were doing. Eighteen hours of fucking and still didn’t cover all the ship. I think I have to take a cruise sometime soon. I would love to be fucking like that out in the middle of the ocean.

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