Don’t you love a good party?

adult phone chatMy Grandson is growing up so quick! Yet another year has passed and this little one is going to have another birthday party. Last year was a blast, all those cute little ones gather in one place just for my very own entertainment – this is my favorite time of the year! I bet you can’t guess why… or maybe you can, because great minds do think alike. Do you have a dirty P mind like me? I bet if you’re reading this you do! I’ll gather all the little ones together to teach them some new party tricks – first comes first is the warm up. You all are going to learn how to suck cock and eat pussy today! I love when they fight over who gets to try first, don’t you? Once they get the hang of it I like to watch from the side, while I rub my wet horny pussy. Oh how these innocent little ones turn me on!! It’s so hard to not get straight to fucking their little brains out, it truly requires sooo much self-control.  But I know in the end it will be worth it. I can tell they are enjoying learning these party tricks begging to be the next one in line for Mommy to suck their itty bitty cocks! How cute! Once I get bored with that it’s time for the really fun part, time to get to fucking. I make sure they all know that this is a very secret party trick and they can never tell anyone and they can only do this trick with certain people. They of course nod at me with their big adorable eyes, so ready to please me. I show them how to fuck my soaking wet cunt, trying hard not to cum right away. They are so clueless to what they are doing, but there’s always the after-party sleepover to teach them more!

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