Daddy’s Girl

adult phone chat phoebeDaddy had a bad work day today and that always means that I have to help him feel better. He blindfolded me and tied me up to all four corners of the bed. He whipped me on my stomach for about 20 minutes until my abs were stinging. And then he choked me to the point where I almost passed out. As I felt myself fading he slapped me with his cock to wake me up and then told me to suck it. I blew him for as long as I could and when I thought I was going to black out from how he just choked me and then cock choked me. But he shoved his cock in my pussy and pounded out his frustrations on my cunt until it was stretched and swollen . He fucked me fast and hard until he came all over my body. He left me tied to the bed so the spunk could dry to my skin. As long as my master feels better I don’t care, I love it.

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