Bring You Down BAMN


Jackoff porn

Bitch your husband doesn’t give a fuck about you every time I see him he lusts after me if I wanted to I could fuck him right in front of your face. You know you’re not relevant you’re ugly your black trash, and it’s funny. You think you’re so fucking delightful you look like a Muppet, and you call yourself beautiful it’s disturbing. I thought I didn’t like you, but I know now that I really can’t stand your fucking ass at all. I’m going to fuck your husband in your bed while your Rugrats are home. Your little trifling Rugrats are going to hear me screaming and moaning in passion just like they’ve already probably heard. That’s right Muppet lady your husband has fucked me more than once in your house where you work so hard to pay the bills. You act like you’re so much better than everyone I know that’s not true you’re not better than anyone you’re ugly, your fucked up and your built funny you’re a fucking monster. Your husband though you trapped him by getting pregnant, he told me that. Your husband said that you were a manipulative, conniving tramp from hell that’s what he said about you. I agree with your husband and not only because he’s so good in bed, but because you are all the things that he says. Do you know that hickey that he had on his neck the other night that you thought you put there in the heat of some kind of passion? That hickey actually came from me yep I put a hickey on your husband’s neck while we were making passionate love and I told him to tell you that you did it. You’re so gullible you believe everything you think you’re so perfect that’s why you feel you can’t be lied to. You are the weakest link, and I want you to know that, and you won’t ever be as sexy and attractive is me. You’re just an ugly blob of yuck. Oh, you think I’m So mean, don’t you yeah I get how you could believe something like that, but you started it, tramp. Remember when you were talking about me to my best friend she came back she told me everything and I started my plan to bring you down bitch.

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