Adult Phone Chat Sluts

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts like me are just what you need. We are better than wives because we do everything they won’t do. I give better virtual head than most women give real head! True story. My cock sucking skills are legendary. Just ask Trevor. I know you don’t know Trevor, but my mouth was intimate with his cock last night! I met him at a Rave and we got to talking about cock sucking. I mentioned it first because his dick was so big it made a tent in his pants. I knew he needed some relief. I saw the ring on his finger and coyly said, “If your wife was taking care of your cock properly, you would not be almost bursting through your jeans.” He laughed and said his wife stopped sucking dick when they said I do. I hear that often. I’m not married. I like being the cock sucking mistress. I like to do the things wives aren’t because married men are very grateful for head and pussy. So grateful, they spoil you. Trevor almost blew a hole in the back of my head, but he needed to release that load. He was so grateful for the wonderful head, he tipped me $300. I was sucking him because I wanted to suck him, so the tip just sweetened the deal.

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