Blackmail Sex

Jackoff porn


I’m so fucking hot my body is on fire I’m ready to be fucked in my asshole like the lot lizard slut that I’ve always been. You can make that happen for me, you can make all my sexual dreams come true all you have to do is lay that hard cock deep inside of my hot wet, delicious cunt and make sure that you hold no mercy give me all of your cock. I’ve been lusting after you every since I first saw you and I don’t give a fuck about your girlfriend or your boyfriend. That’s right I know that you’ve been cheating on your wife with another man and it doesn’t surprise me either, but I’ll tell you something I am going to let the kitty out of the bag if you don’t fuck me. I want your body that means I’ll do anything for it, and that includes blackmail you. I am going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you like crazy. I’m going to ride your hard cock like a buck that’s what I want babe. If you don’t want your wife to know that you’re a fucking sissy ass faggot, then you better give me what I want. I know your boyfriend I told him that I wanted to fuck you and he’s okay with it so what about you are you fine with fucking me?

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