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I want you biggest cum shot to coat my Gigantic tits!

You have the perfect sized cock for me to suck and slurp while bouncing my knockers…. Have you ever had a Deepthroat blowjob while slamming your cock between nice firm bags? That’s not all I want, don’t worry daddy I am a Sexy slut! I don’t just tap out after you blow you first load. I make sure to earn myself another by teasing you with my cunt.

Legs spread, swaying my phat juicy pussy in your face.

Watch as I finger fuck my cooch and smear my cum filled cunt juices all over my hard nipples. Mmm. My tits are sooo big that I can scoop my tit up and suck the cum right back off of my Sexy breasts. Any hole of your choice, you can have baby.. Its all yours! On all fours, missionary or even with my head just dangling off the edge of the bed with my jaw dropped, cum throat fuck me! Anything goes, i am a Taboo phone sex whore with no limits. The nastier the wetter a filthy Slutty phone sex whore like me wants every drop of your cum buried inside of me.

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