Ashley’s Big bouncy breasts

Big bouncy breasts

I love it when you suck my Big bouncy breasts! The way you nibble on my nipples as you grope my big tits makes my pussy wet. My clit is tingling and my tight plump pussy is dripping wet. I want that nice big thick cock deep inside of me, but first I want to suck your cock. I want to get that big thick cock in between my big fat titties. I want that drooling cock deep inside of this fat pussy! Spread my cunt lips and lick my tingling clit. The way you flick my clit with your tongue makes my toes curl. Your cock is dripping wet and rock hard. I want you to slowly push your cock inside of me. I want to feel every inch of your big thick cock slowly entering me. That’s right sexy, feel how tight this fat girl pussy is. Fuck me hard daddy, I can take every inch of your cock! 

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