Daddy woke me up

adult phone chat tiffanyOh my god, you won’t believe the way my daddy woke me up the other morning. I swear I was sleeping soundly, not a dirty dream, not a wet pussy, nothing! I was being a good good girl for once…. a sweet little angel sleeping peacefully with my naked body on display. Well I guess Daddy simply couldn’t resist such a sweet moment so he had to wake up his little girl in the nastiest and naughtiest way he could think of… Of course by choking on his big fat dick. I started to wake up when I felt my lips parting open and I fully awoke as I felt his cock sliding slowly but firmly to the back of my throat. Daddy already had my hair in his hands and was pushing my face down on it telling me to shhhh and not to fight it. I always wake up horny so I did what any bouncy bubbly teen would do! I went straight to sucking that big fat dick! It was sliding in and out of my mouth until Daddy was ready to bust a load. I am no prude either, Daddy filled my mouth up with all his cum, but I was ready for seconds!

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