Another Day Another Dollar

adult phone chat vivI am on the phone with one of my favorite clients. My eyes are closed and I am running my hands over my beautiful body just like he is telling me he would if he was with me.
I am so lost in the moment. I can feel my pussy getting wetter and then I feel his breath on my neck.
Opening my eyes I see my boyfriend and I smile.
I can’t let my client know that it isn’t just us anymore. I am listening to his voice on the other end totally into the phone call while watching my boyfriend who is already naked kneel on the floor between my legs.
His eyes never leave mine and I know he is really getting turned on by the way you are turning me on over the phone.
It isn’t long before I am squirting a stream of cum into his mouth while crying out in pleasure.
I hear you let go and I know your cumming all over the place too.

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